XJ Full Set of Tube Fenders
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Full set of Tube Fenders for the XJ.  Comes with all four corners and stainless steel hardware.  We have gone back to our XJ roots to answer an age old Cherokee problem.....FENDER ENVY.  No longer do us XJ guys have to look at TJ's with jealousy and envy. Now with Hooligan Off Roads help your XJ can have sick, strong, flat tube fenders.  The best part is that the entire fender is BOLT ON!! We have just finished the prototyping and testing phase and it is time to release these beasts into the wild. As you can see by the pictures of the Project Yakuza TJ flexed with the entire weight of the flexed tire on the BOLT ON FENDER, these are very strong and should provide years of service under abuse. Man hands, clamps, hammers and swear words required for installation. Made from 1/8" steel and 1.5" .120 wall DOM tubing. Please allow 2-4 weeks for fabricationAttn these pictures show the fenders blended and ground smooth.   This is no longer avaliable.  They will come with the same skin but will not be blended smooth. There will be a "seam" visible.  The process of welding and grinding adds 4-5 hours of fab time for a set of fenders so unfortunately we had to streamline the production process in order to keep up.


Custom Logos requires a high quality, preferably vector format, file. Not all images are compatible with the CNC plasma cutting process.  Files must be emailed to josh@hooliganoffroad.com for approval.  Minumum charge of $65 applies.  If the logo requires extensive CAD programing additional charges may apply. 

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XJ Full Set of Tube Fenders

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